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MOLD Testing​


Suspect hidden mold in your home? Our mold testing service concisely identifies these hidden hazards and their locations if present, ensuring your space is safe and healthy.

FREE Comprehensive Mold Assessment

From Detection to Direction

Understanding mold can be intricate, but our approach simplifies the process. Your journey with us begins by scheduling a free visual inspection, where our trained professionals meticulously look for any indications of mold growth. No sign is too subtle for our thorough assessment.

Should we detect potential mold presence, our next step often involves lab sampling. This scientific procedure ensures we understand the full extent of your mold situation. Based on our detailed lab findings, you will receive a comprehensive report with insights about the mold conditions in your space.

But knowledge alone isn’t our end goal. If mold indicators are present, we then formulate a remediation plan, providing you with a clear strategy to reclaim a healthy living environment. Trust in our expertise, and together, we will pave the way to a mold-free space.

Inspection Services

Thermal imaging gun in garage
Advanced Thermal Testing

Utilizing state-of-the-art thermal imaging, we accurately detect hidden moisture within walls to prevent long-term damage and mold growth.

Precision Surface Moisture

Our surface moisture readings employ cutting-edge technology to pinpoint exact moisture levels, ensuring thorough and effective remediation.

Expert Visual Inspections

Our team of seasoned professionals conducts meticulous visual inspections to identify and assess water damage with exceptional accuracy.

Instant Swab Analysis

We offer rapid swab sampling to immediately detect the presence of mold, ensuring safety or effective remediation strategies.

Air Quality Procedure Outline

Core Steps

Begin with a complimentary on-site evaluation to understand the specific needs and concerns of the client. Our technician will conduct a visual inspection and discuss the potential issues with the homeowner.


Using state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll collect air and surface samples from various zones in the property to gauge the indoor air contaminants, including mold spores, allergens, and other particulates.


To ensure accuracy in our results, we’ll take an outdoor control air sample. This acts as a reference point and helps us identify anomalies in the indoor environment.

Mold air quality testing equipment

The collected samples are sent to our accredited laboratory. Here, they undergo a meticulous examination to determine the types and concentrations of pollutants.


Once the lab analysis is complete, we’ll prepare an in-depth report detailing our findings. This will include potential health risks, recommended corrective actions, and any other relevant insights


Based on our findings, we’ll offer tailored solutions to rectify identified air quality issues. This may include mold remediation steps, ventilation improvements, or moisture control methods to ensure a healthier living environment.

Detailed Mold Analysis and Planning

From Analysis to Remediation


Begin your journey to a mold-free space. Schedule an appointment with our experts for an in-depth assessment.


Benefit from our expert team’s keen eyes with a complimentary inspection, ensuring early detection of mold issues.


Collecting samples from key zones as well as an outdoor control, which ensures a comprehensive mold analysis.


Integrity matters to us. To maintain the highest level of trust, all mold samples are thoroughly assessed by independent labs for accurate results.


With our detailed lab analyses, you get not just clarity on mold presence, but also expert recommendations tailored for your property’s unique needs.


Whether your property clears air quality standards or requires further action, we guide you through either path to ensure a healthy environment.

mold Statistics

Mold in Homes Air Quality!

While we feel safe indoors, spending 90% of our time there increases our exposure to pollutants, including mold, which can lead to serious health issues.

Indoor Air Pollution
Indoor air 100x more polluted
Time Indoors
Asthma and Mold
Mold in Homes

The EPA has sounded the alarm, revealing that indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than its outdoor counterpart. Considering that individuals, on average, spend about 90% of their time indoors, intensifying their exposure to pollutants like mold. Further accentuating this issue, a study in the ‘Indoor Air’ journal attributes nearly 21% of U.S. asthma cases to mold exposure and home dampness. Additionally, research from the Institute of Medicine showed that up to half of all U.S. homes present conditions ripe for mold growth, emphasizing the urgent need for regular home inspections and proactive prevention measures.

Remediation Services

AC Mold Remediation

Our AC mold remediation service thoroughly eliminates mold from your air conditioning system, ensuring healthier air and optimized system performance.

Inner Wall Mold Removal

We specialize in extracting mold hidden within walls, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Attic Mold Removal

Tackling attic mold is our specialty, restoring safety and purity to your home’s uppermost areas.

Flood Damage Remediation

We specialize in flood damage restoration, with our meticulous damage remediation service.

Dr. Vincent Marinkovich

The Hidden Threats of Mold — Wisdom from Dr. Mold

Dr. Vincent Marinkovich, fondly known as “Dr. Mold”, has been a vocal advocate about the dangers lurking in our living spaces due to mold infestations. In his groundbreaking research, he highlighted the critical importance of maintaining a healthy indoor environment. In a 2004 paper, Dr. Marinkovich expressed concern about physicians who undermine the harmful effects of household fungi. He emphasized, “There are other physicians who deny that fungi as encountered in homes or office-type workspaces are capable of causing illness.” Championing the cause, Marinkovich’s work underscores the imperative to heed the silent threats mold poses, ensuring our homes remain sanctuaries of health and well-being.


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Our commitment to your health and well-being extends beyond thorough testing. If our advanced tests discover the presence of allergens or mold in your space, we’re offering a special 10% discount on our remediation services. It’s our way of ensuring that once a problem is found, it’s efficiently and affordably addressed, guaranteeing a healthier living environment.


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Promoting Healthier Living through Expert Mold Testing and Professional Mold Removal

Bring in the experts, with a FREE In-Home Mold Assessment. We can quickly identify potential mold issues by utilizing industry-leading equipment.