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Dr. Vincent Marinkovich: Pioneer in Mold Research and Advocate for Environmental Health

Mold has long been a topic of concern in the medical world, but few have delved as deeply into its intricacies as Dr. Vincent Marinkovich. Revered for his unyielding commitment and expansive knowledge, Dr. Marinkovich made a monumental impact on the way we understand household molds and their effects on human health.

His Early Life and Education

Born with an insatiable curiosity, Dr. Marinkovich embarked on his educational journey at the prestigious California Institute of Technology, graduating in 1955. His thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there; he pursued further studies at Harvard Medical School, earning his degree in 1959. Throughout his career, he remained connected with academia, teaching at both Cal Tech and Stanford Medical School.

Professional Achievements

The MAST Allergy Blood Test
In 1976, Dr. Marinkovich revolutionized allergy diagnostics with the development of the MAST allergy blood test (Multiple Allergen Simultaneous Test). This cutting-edge test employed cellulose fibers in an enzymatic test chamber, simplifying the process of detecting allergen-specific IgE.

Founding of Immune Tech
By 1999, Dr. Marinkovich had set his sights on democratizing health diagnostics. He founded Immune Tech, a pioneering company in Menlo Park, offering mail-order home testing kits for allergies. These kits enabled users to send their blood samples from the comfort of their homes, receiving back detailed analyses of allergen and mold sensitivities.

His Research on Mold and Its Impact on Health

Dr. Marinkovich’s deep-rooted interest in mold culminated in his pivotal 2004 paper. Here, he addressed the multifaceted issue of mold’s effects on the human body, elucidating on diagnosis, pathophysiology, and treatment modalities. He voiced concerns over a segment of the medical community that refused to acknowledge the harmful ramifications of mold exposure. Asserting that fungi found in household and office environments can indeed cause illnesses, he emphasized the importance of recognizing and addressing mold-related health issues.

Legacy and Remembrance

Beyond his scientific endeavors, Dr. Vincent Marinkovich, fondly known as “Dr. Mold”, left behind a legacy of compassion and relentless dedication. His daughter, Nina, fondly remembers him as a doctor who “never gave up on anyone.” His in-depth research, coupled with his heartfelt dedication, helped countless individuals navigate the health challenges posed by mold. Even today, his findings serve as a guiding light for many in the fields of immunology and environmental health.


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